Todo list

I'm slowly beating the pyRete source code into shape. Some of the major things still to be done are:
- implement retract, Done [2006-10-26]
- make Assert and Retract available in RHSs, Done [2006-10-26]
- implement Not and Exists.

I think the toughest one is Not and Exists support. I haven't looked into it yet but I will during the weekend. I've also got a few things that I'd like to implement but that I have pushed aside for now:
- implement support for the CLIPS language,
- implement an interactive shell for pyRete (actually this one might be real easy as of Python 2.5),
- improve the Rete Network Viewer.

I don't know if I have the time to do all of this anytime soon but I hope to finish the first list before December.

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woolfel sa...

here is a tip on NOT. A NOT join first evaluates the facts against the opposite side. If the count goes from zero to 1 on an assert, it results in a retract further down the network. On a retract right, it can only result in an assert propogating down the network when the count goes from 1 to zero.


Johan Lindberg sa...

Thanks Peter.

I've not yet gotten through half of what I have to read, so I'm guessing this will take a while.

But on the other hand, I'm real interested to see how pyRete handles Ms Manners so maybe I should call in sick or something ;-)

woolfel sa...

runner manners is fun. some people will I'm nuts for saying that, but it really kicks the tires. one more than on occasion, the tires popped and deflated :)

Johan Lindberg sa...

Yes, I'm kind of counting on that :-)

I also plan to translate your benchmark suite into pyRete rules.

With those two, I'm guessing I've got my hands full for some time.

woolfel sa...

that's a good thing. if I didn't program, I would be getting into trouble.