Computer Go reference bots

Interested in Computer Go? Then you probably already know about Don Dailey's excellent work on providing a number of Monte Carlo reference implementations. So far, he has managed to implement it in two three different languages (Java, C and some language called Vala).

The announcement is here and the Java bot is available here. It's not the prettiest Java code out there, but Don is a C programmer (I think) so he is excused. It was very interesting and educating to study the code. I've been reading a lot of the Monte Carlo Computer Go papers but I've always felt as if I've missed something fundamental since my understanding of how it works felt too... simple.

Now that I've seen the code I can say, with confidence, that it *is* quite simple. Implementing a Monte Carlo method, that is. Getting a decent (let alone, good) AI-player for 19x19 Go seems quite far from simple.

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