Roots of Lisp II

Since I wrote the post about Paul Graham's article Roots of Lisp about two weeks ago I've been searching for similar efforts to read, learn from and basically - steal. And I've got to say. There are some pretty impressive stuff out there.

Ur-Scheme is a self-hosting partial implementation of R5RS that runs on Intel x86 Linux.

The 90 minute Scheme to C compiler which is a presentation of how to write your own Scheme compiler (it takes 90 minutes to present, not to write the compiler).

The icbins Lisp to C compiler and interpreter in 10 pages of C by Darius Bacon. He's written an even smaller one (6 pages) but which doesn't include the interpreter.

Out of the three I suspect that icbins is what comes closest to answering my question (what kind of boiler-plate code would be required to support such an implementation) though I believe that it is written to support more (probably much more) than what is described in Graham's article or in the Lisp 1.5 Programmer's Manual.

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