Make a Peace-toy

The Stockholm local group of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) has arranged a contest in designing "peace-toys". It's a very interesting idea, and a rather difficult one if you ask me, since peace is almost always defined negatively (i.e. peace is the absence of war). It will be very interesting to see what people come up with.

I suggested to Sofia that we should design a variant of the classic board game Risk modified to use non-violent techniques of conflict management. Obviously the game's ultimate goal cannot be world domination and it can't be something, like world democratization, where everyone is a winner either. It's probably going to be very difficult just to figure out the basis for the game. I haven't spent enough time thinking about it and I don't have much hope of participating since the deadline is 1/9 and I don't think Sofia and I will have much time to spend on it during summer but maybe if it rains a lot. Let's hope so ;-)

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