A week in NYC

Tomorrow at this time (Swedish time that is) Sofia, Eowyn and I will land at Newark Liberty International Airport. We're having a weeks well earned vacation in New York City. It's a nine hour flight across the Atlantic so the toughest question at this point is what books to pack?

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woolfel sa...

Have fun on your vacation. Here is a tip if you like to watch shows. There's discount play tickets on the north end of time square.


If you like museums, the NY Met museum is excellent. I went there for my honeymoon back in 1997 for a week. We went to the Met 2 days in a row and only saw 1/3 of the exhibits. If you like chinese food, I would recommend going to china town. There's lots of good restaurants at a cheap price.

Museum row next to central park is also fun. There's some fun museums there. Central park is another fun area to walk around.

Johan Lindberg sa...

Thanks for all the tips Peter. Unfortunately, I didn't see this comment until it was time to go home so I'm sad to say we didn't do any of those things things you mention (apart from walking around in Central Park).

This week was one of the best ever though so I'm pretty sure we'll come back for another try in a year or two.