Drools puzzle #2

The second Drools puzzle was a lot trickier than the first one. It took a while for me to figure out a solution I was content with. I re-wrote the application three times before settling on this one. It's a rather simple generate-and-test solution but it works and it's not unreasonably slow.

CLIPS> (batch ".../family.bat")
CLIPS> (clear)
CLIPS> (unwatch all)
CLIPS> (load "family.clp")
CLIPS> (solve)
Who is married to whom and what are their sons called?
1 solution(s).
Snyder is married to Edith and their son is Victor
Locker is married to Doris and their son is Henry
Abel is married to Luisa and their son is Albert

I hope more people have sent in solutions this time and that the next puzzle will be as good as this one.

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