JBoss Rules adds support for Clips language

This is very good news indeed. I must remember to check it out more thoroughly.

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Mark Proctor sa...

hehe, glad you think so. still away to go yet, should have functions finished today, so you can atleast write some defrules - at which point I hope others will continue the work, as it should be easier at that stage. The interesting bit is a Package (RuleSet) will be able to have mixed drl and clp.

The other interesting area I'm working on is dialects, almost have this finished now. While not applicable to CLP it is for DRL, where we currently allow java code in predicates, returnvalue, eval and consequences. With dialects you should be able to plugin your language of choice for those parts. I'm currently integrating MVEL, which will become the default dialect.

We've always had a langauge independant engine, but there is nothing like doing some implementations to help flesh out the apis.


Johan Lindberg sa...

First of all I must say thanks for doing this. I've thought loosely about implementing Clips language support in JBoss Rules myself but I soon realized that the effort and commitment needed to make it useful is more than I have time for at the moment.

Which leads to the question: how serious are you about Clips language support? Is it a show case for JBoss Rules' ability to mix and match languages or do you plan to implement COOL as well? Will I be able to take a set of existing Jess rules and run them in JBoss Rules?