Got some more books today

I was plenty pleased today when I finally got the books I had ordered. I'm a huge fan of Donald Knuth and his book Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About looks very promising indeed. I've already started reading it even though I had decided to start with The Reasoned Schemer which is a book about logic programming using Scheme. I can't say I *love* the style in which it's written (I was quite surprised when I first read through The Little Schemer a couple of months ago) but I can live with it ;-)

The book is using miniKanren (which I will download and install during the weekend). It will be interesting to try out some of the things they're describing in the book and I'm quite interested in the implementation aspects as well. It sort of touches quite a lot of things that I'm currently reading about or playing around with (logic object space in Pypy, implementing backward chaining in pyRete, etc)

I've been putting off the idea of spending some serious time trying to learn Prolog (because it looks and feels akward) but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep dodging it. It keeps popping up everywhere I look.

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