Approaching Miss Manners

Now that the Single Not node implementation works I decided to try and translate Miss Manners from the Clips distribution. Of course, I haven't got it working yet but I don't think it's going to be much of a problem. There are a few things that I need to adjust before I can try it. I need to loosen a few things in the RuleCompiler, but I actually feel more confident in running Miss Manners soon than running SEND+MORE=MONEY.

The SEND+MORE=MONEY problem was one of the first I tried but it eats all available memory before even getting all digits (0..9) asserted. I have spent about no time at all on the Token class and efficient storage/usage of Tokens so I'm not particlarly surprised but it bugs me none the less. It will probably take some time to get right as well.

The third and final "benchmark" that I've tried to run is the example "Math Class Melee" from Chapter 1 of Jess in Action. I want to have it working before trying the Zebra problem (they're very similar but Zebra is harder because it contains more free variables).

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