Todo list revisited [January 2007]

Last October I wrote that I was hoping to have Not and Exists implemented by the end of December. That didn't work because I wanted to get the TestNodes in place first. I can now check off another item from the last todo list I posted.

- implement Not and Exists,
- improve the Rete Network Viewer,
- implement support for the CLIPS language,
- add support for expressions in LHS nodes (rulecompiler.py), Done [2007-01-26]
- implement an interactive shell for pyRete, Done [2006-11-24]
- implement retract, Done [2006-10-26]
- make Assert and Retract available in RHSs. Done [2006-10-26]

I pushed CLIPS language support down the list because I'm guessing that it will take a lot of time to get right.

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