Naked Objects

The following was taken from the Naked Objects FAQ.

How can we still implement necessary business controls?
This approach will not be welcomed by advocates of 'rules-based' systems design, where the principle is to extract all business rules into a separate representation so that the rules can more readily be changed. We do not like that approach for two reasons. The first is that you can end up with an awful lot of rules (even down to the level of checking the validity of a date), with the result that finding all the rules affected by a proposed business change can actually be harder. The second is that the rules-based approach seems to encourage those whose goal is to remove all decision rights from the users.
Interesting point or something :-) Of course you can create a terrible mess using a Rule Engine. But that's true of everything.

I actually started looking into the Naked Objects Approach because I was hoping it could complement a Rules based system. Maybe I'm wrong, but I sure hope not.

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