Lambda the Ultimate Gingerbread House

Today was an almost completly computer-less day. Some people think I should have more of those. Personally. I don't know. So much to learn and so much code to write...

I spent the day making gingerbread houses. Sofia spent part of the day working on a presentation so I made the first house-attempt myself. It came out better than expected. I made the design on paper yesterday and this morning I had a clear idea of how things should work out and fit together. That's all theory of course. So here are a few tips if you should ever try out a gingerbread house yourself.

- If you're doing this with someone else make sure they don't have to work!
- Cats can be extremely interested in what you're doing. Make sure they're occupied with something else.
- If you have a thought about how the walls and roof should stick together make sure to remember that thought when you actually assemble the thing.
- Doors and holes for doors grow an equal amount. But in different directions!

- Don't touch the melted sugar! It's hot and it sticks to your skin!
- Even though it may taste and look like wood, gingerbread is nowhere near as strong! Don't overdecorate with (heavy) candy, something might break. [Added 2006-12-03]

When Sofia made her first attempt I made a second house: Lambda the Ultimate Gingerbread House. I managed to put the pieces together much much better (faster and no holes) this time around. It's quite heavy though, can't say how long the walls will support the weight...

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