Yet another small step forward

I've now got all of the components needed for a complete Rete Network. I still have to hand-build it though (I'm still working on the rule compiler) but it seems to work. At least for example rules like the ones used here.

I've also been going through the JBoss Rules source code and documentation (again). I've noted before that they're using a LeftInputAdapterNode. I didn't think much about it until this week because I hadn't been writing any code for the Beta Network. As far as I can tell they're only using it to let the first AlphaMemory perform left-activations on a BetaNode. Another way of doing that is presented in the Doorenbos paper using a DummyTopNode and a DummyJoinNode which is what I've implemented. My guess though is that the extra join (even though it's fake) takes longer then hooking up an Adapter object which translates the object to a Token and passes it on.

Anyway, Sofia is out of town so I've got plenty of time to carry on the implementation of my rule compiler which is the next step.

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woolfel sa...

the left input adapter is cheaper and simpler than dummy top or join node. there's other ways of handling the left activation on the first join, but they're less efficient.