Started writing a feed merger... after all

I was so happy when I found FeedJumber a couple of weeks ago. I really thought all my troubles were over. I wanted a way to merge blog feeds from different sources into one and FeedJumbler seemed to be a very smart and easy way to do it.

Unfortunately I've already had a few problems with the FeedJumbler Atom/RSS/RDF-parser. There are two types of problems: 1) It claims that some Atom feeds are not valid and 2) some Atom feed entries are rendered twice.

Both of these errors have made me take up my original idea of writing my own feed merger again. It's fun. My original idea was to do it in entirely in JavaScript but since the XMLHttpRequest object is limited to working only with files from the originating server I will still need a server side script to fetch content from all the blog feeds.

Oh well... Still looking for an even prime larger than 2.

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